Academy of Construction Quality Management Training Course for 2020

Suitable for inspection, and site engineers Construction Civil, Mechanical, Welding, Instrumentation, and planners. Sign up for your interest for pending training courses using the quick form below and we will get in touch!

Construction Quality Management Training Course

    Does your construction project fall into any of the following categories?
    Get construction Quality Management training!
    • Your customer refusing to pay your submitted construction pay milestones due to outstanding nonconformance reports.
    • Losing your profit margins because of rework and defective workmanship.
    • No construction quality management system in place that identifies with red flags and risk mitigation.
    • Ongoing and significant customer complaints regarding lack of construction quality.
    • Excessive numbers of punch listed items that prevent your company from obtaining mechanical completion, pre commissioning, commissioning and project handover.
    • Non-compliant incoming material.
    • Consistent and numerous high welding repair rates resulting in loss of profit margins.
    • Failing to monitor excessive quality costs by implementing trend analysis in the procurement, and construction phases.
    • Over budget and behind schedule.
    • Working in just in time management.
    • Paying your top construction managers high bonuses at the expense of applying insufficient quality resources.
    • Removal from your customers approved suppliers