Constructability is a method and means to improve quality and cost effectiveness. If you can control things by numbers you can reduce the cost. The weaknesses in most construction projects is that their is a big investment in construction and not in design. The project management must identify weakness and take action to balance weakness against strengths.

Constructability (or buildability) is a project management technique to review construction processes from start to finish during pre-construction phase. It is to identify obstacles before a project is actually built to reduce or prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns.

What is Going Against you

Reluctance to invest additional money and effort in the early design phase

  • Lump sum competitive tendering limitations
  • Lack of on site construction experience in the design department
  • Construction personnel arriving late on site to assist the design department in preventing problems before they happen
  • Poor communication skills between the design and construction departments

Get It Right First Time

The success of the Project depends on how people get on together and how management supports the team members to accomplish a common goal. (Individuals corroborating in order to accomplish a common goal)
The team members should be able to have

  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Mutual respect
  • Definition of targets
  • Clear objectives
  • Good leadership
  • Good communication skills
  • Recognition of stress
  • Unified goals
  • Appropriate authority
  • Shared responsibility


Doing things that you have always done then expecting the same results


The higher the level of trust the higher the level is the success of the project.
The project team must identify

  • Risk control
  • Use a structure for risk management
  • Develop risk checklists
  • Identify risks in the project planning stage