Prepare Master List of Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment

  • equipment name/identification number
  • holder of equipment for recall purpose
  • frequency, criteria of acceptance, range of tolerance date of calibration
  • work instruction or procedure for calibration, to be in-house or external calibrated recall date.

Ensure inspection, measuring, and test equipment is calibrated against Certified/Reference Equipment having a known valid relationship to Internationally or Nationality Recognized Standards.

Ensure Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment that is out of calibration is withdrawn from use.

There are only nine types of inspection, and test measurement conducted to verify the performance of installations at commissioning or service. These are:
– dead weight tester
– temperature measurement
– linear measurement
– current rating of equipment
– the resistance of a current carrying loop
– the insulation resistance of a current carrying loop
– electrical voltage measurement
– water flow rates for hydrant systems
– hydraulic pressure for pipe installation

The calibration of any instrument will be considered invalid if any of the following situations occur:

  • expiry any period as shown on the label
  • excessive electrical overload
  • tampering
  • excessive mechanical shock

If an equipment is found to be out of calibration, the validity, and critically of previous recorded results must be assessed by the calibration controller, or his delegate. This assessment and any resulting actions must be documented.