Project Protection

Bid Tenders

Customers now require to know how the supplier or contractor plans to meet the customers Technical Specifications. The customer normally requires objective evidence that the Suppliers can verify quality. This is completed by forwarding to the customer sample exhibits from the suppliers Quality Management System and/or Quality presentation by the supplier or contractor. Suppliers or Contractors are not only assessed on their Bid price but on their ability to define and meet the customers Quality objectives within a limited time period.

Bid Tender Meeting

The supplier or contractor submits to the customer their Company Quality Policy Manual Prior to the tender bid meeting. The meeting outlines the full scope of the project where questions are responded to from the potential bidders. The project does not always go to the lowest bidder.

Review of Project Resources

The supplier or contractors must assure himself that he and his subcontractors have the required resources in place to meet the customers technical requirements.

Subcontractor Evaluation

In order for The Prime Contractor to obtain confidence from their suppliers or vendors it is essential that objective evidence be obtained. This is normally completed by completing Audits and sending out Quality questionnaires.

Customer Satisfaction

How does a company measure customer satisfaction and provide that confidence at a bid stage meeting? Reputation does not always work today. The zero issuance of nonconformance reports. Meeting the quality objectives as contained in milestones and bringing the project in on time and within budget. This would be a major plus factor.