Closure of Nonconformance Reports

Issued nonconformance reports can be generated form the customer or to the supplier or vendor. It is important the control and action for closure purposes is coordinated through a sole point of contact.Ensuring that delays in the construction schedule are kept to an absolute minimum.

Client Sign off of Inspection Test Dossiers

It must be agreed with the customer if they are going to sign off the inspection check sheets during their attendance at the place of inspection or whether the customer will verify conformance by reviewing the As-Built Turn Over Dossiers.If this is not agreed at the early stage of the project this could cause considerable delay later on.

Punch-Snag List Items

Prior to the completion of a Project Milestone all outstanding items should be identified through one point of source. Punchlisted items should be agreed and coordinated with the customer prior to final handover.

Outstanding Work List Defined

Outstanding work lists that are identified in the Punch list that cannot be completed must be identified in a Project Exception List, rework to be completed at a later time. All rework must be agreed with the customer.

QA/QC Documentation Reconciliation

Copies of Project Quality Control and Quality Assurance documentation are normally required by contract to be held for retention for a period of five years by the suppliers or Prime Contractor. Where a component or section of the Project fails at a later stage a warranty claim will be initiated by the customer.

QC Manpower Defined

The Customer and the Prime Contractors must ensure there is sufficient Quality Control manpower on resources for the scope of the customer’s Technical Specifications.