Protecting your investment through quality management system assurance in accordance with (International Standard Organisation) ISO 9001


The following Assurance construction documentation is completed by the Main Contractor and is based on ISO 9001. They are applicable to large infrastructure construction projects. They form part of the Contractors quality management system. Each of the following categories can be benchmarked by smaller projects.

QC Inspection Check Sheets (Construction Projects)  

QC Inspection Check Sheets

Quality Control inspections check sheets are used to verify the quality of the construction Activities improve quality productivity, reduce defect rates, & reduce re-work. They provide evidence that payment milestones are completed in accordance with the customers contract  codes standards & projects specifications.


Inspection & Test Plans (Construction Projects)
Inspection & Test Plans (Construction Projects)

Inspection & Test Plans (Construction Projects)

Construction Inspection and Test Plans

Inspection & Test Plans in the Procurement, Construction and commissioning. They coordinate inspection activities with the Customer, Prime Contractors, subcontractors, venders and suppliers. They are based on the criticality of each construction activity. Hold, Witness, Review inspection points are agreed. 


Quality Control QC Procedures (Templates) (Construction projects) 

Project (QC Procedures Template)

Large subcontractors that use many subcontractors and suppliers require  QC Procedures that cover the scope of the work in detail. Each QC Procedure must be made Project specific for each new project. This would require the review of the customers specifications, codes and standards.


Quality Assurance Check Check Sheets (Construction Projects)

Quality Assurance Checksheets

These form part of the Contractors  Quality Assurance Systems and are based on ISO 9001. They organise the quality of the Contractor’s organisation in house systems. They cover the following, Quality Management Systems, Quality responsibility, Resource Management, Product Realisation, Measurement Analysis and Improvement.

Quality Audits Templates  (Construction Projects)

Quality Audits Templates  (Construction Projects)

Audit Question Check Sheets

Quality Audits are integral to project success and identifies if the project is on tack and there are no mayor Quality issues. They can be completed  by the Customer or Contractor at any time during the project.


Quality Assurance Check Sheets (Construction Projects)

Quality Assurance Checksheets

Assurance Check sheets are critical to the operation of system control with regards to, Procurement and Engineering compliance. They organiser the Contractors in house quality systems.


Project Inspection As-Built Packages (Construction Phase)

Project Inspection packages

Key As Built dossiers are completed by the  Contractor. They will have a retention period for five to ten years.


Heath Safety & Environmental Check Sheets (Construction Phase)

Health and Safety Environment Checklist

HSE System documentation will be a key contract deliverable to the customer.  Ongoing HSE training should be completed through the projects ensuring risk management is fully complied.




Academy of Construction Quality Management Training Courses in QA/AC Projects

QA/QC Projects Course

Academy of Construction Quality Management Training Course in Project Controls

Project CONTROLS Course

Quality control in construction!

  • Accountability
  • Tracability
  • Reliability
  • Customer satisfaction
Construction Project Overview
QAQC Inspection Check Sheets

Our range of Inspection Check Sheets

A check sheet is a structured form or questionnaire for collecting and analyzing data. This is a generic tool that can be adapted for a wide variety of purposes. Collecting and analyzing data is important for identifying and understanding problems and thus making appropriate changes to solve these problems.

Inspection check sheets are useful on construction projects that wants to improve quality and productivity, reduce defect rates, and reduce re-work.

Follow the links to the right to see the check sheets available in each range and get your projects under control.

Note: Criticality Rating (HIGH)

Note: Criticality Rating (HIGH)

Note: Criticality Rating (HIGH)

Note: Criticality Rating (HIGH)

Note: Criticality Rating (MED)

Note: Criticality Rating (MED)

Note: Criticality Rating (MED)

QA/QC Technical Support

We specialize in the following oil, gas, power, and infrastructure Construction projects, we can provide expert technical support. We can visit your overseas construction project and immediately implement our benchmarked best practices and get your construction quality back on track. Our experienced QA/QC construction support team can be available on a fast track short term visit from 7 days to 25 days. We can provide your Company with a 24 hour response to your enquiry.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Requirements

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Requirements

This web site was set up to assist Investment Consortiums, Construction Companies/ Suppliers and inspection personnel to become familiar with the ISO 9000:2000 (International Standards organisation) and the implementation of this standard in the Construction, Petrochemical Oil /Gas and Power industries. Sample construction procedures have been developed as a base, for project implementation.

Cost Impact

International construction projects specify in contract documents how and when segments of the project are to be handed over to the customer. It is apparent that significant cost impact and loss of profit margins is attributed to projects that do not have the minimum quality and constructability systems in place prior to the commencement of the project.

Control of

The use of numerous sub-contractors and suppliers on major construction projects who do not comply with client specifications will result in the issue of (nonconformance reports) resulting in significant additional cost impacts and schedule delays.

Project Bids

Project bid documents contracts and customer specifications define the quality control and quality assurance requirements of the project. It is common practice for suppliers to be assessed by audit not only on their capability and track record to complete the project but also on their ISO 9001 quality systems.

QA/QC Implementation


Well over 90% of companies or organisations implement the standard because of the pressure from their customers. When introducing the standard into an organisation there is a requirement within the standard that the company only purchases services and products from quality assured sources.

The Project Mission Statement

Owners – Investment Performance

Customers – Product Quality, Low Maintenance Costs,

Prime Contractors – Project Completion on Time Within Budget, Customer Satisfaction

Employees – Career, Work Satisfaction

Suppliers – Continuing Business

Society – Responsible Stewardship

The purpose of this Web Site is to Provide International Quality Management Services on Major Lump Sum Turn Key Construction Projects around the world for Oil Gas and Power Generation Industries, based on ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Quality Control Standards and the customers specific contractual requirements.

The intent of qaqc-construction web site is to provide the user strategic information and tools to implement Project Quality Management Systems without reinventing the proverbial wheel.

While considerable effort has been made to make the web site user friendly, interesting and informative it was apparent that back room or supporting information was required to give the site viewer more detailed information, this can be obtained in the premium section of the web site for members that would like access it.

The web site specialises in the following:

  • Provide guidance to Owner Consortium Investment Organisations Construction Companies and suppliers for the Implementation of Quality Management Systems.
  • Provide construction companies information and technical expertise in the field of Quality Management Systems so that they have the competitive edge when tendering for mayor lump sum turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects
  • Provide electronic database for Quality Documentation that can be adapted for As-built Turn Over Packages and Performance Guarantees.
  • Implementation of Quality Management System Procedures covering the specific requirements of the Customers Contract, obtaining customer approval for Project Implementation
  • Provide Quality Assurance Quality Control personnel and Inspectors for Project System Management implementation for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation construction site disciplines.
  • Provide Quality Management Consulting Services.
  • Provide on site Internal and External Auditing services.