Unclear scope of work leads to:

Project engineering department to provide breakdown of scope of work contracts department to expedite bid costs.

No allocation of project resources leads to:

What is your quality budget?

No quality organisation leads to:

Do you have designated QC inspectors for the projects construction archives?

No QC designated responsibility leads to:

Do you have an approved QA/QC organisation chart?

Project confusion leads to:

Doing the job fast and making mistakes and doing the same job over again.

Just in time crises management leads to:

See a therapist!

CONFLICT management leads to:

See another therapist and get a second opinion!

Project delays leads to:

Re-examine your quality budget and go on a recruitment drive.

Loss of profit margins leads to:

Replacement of top management.

Project arbitration leads to:

Significant company cost impact.

Loss of supplier’s market reputation leads to:

Loss of future business.

Removal from customers’s bidders lists leads to:

Loss of future business.


Everyone looks for a new job.