Quality Procurement Planning

In order for the construction planning scheduling not to be delayed it is essential for Project suppliers to be:
A procurement Quality Planning Schedule is completed itemizing the project vendor inspections that need to be completed for the scope of the project.

Customers Approved Suppliers List

If the Project proposed suppler is not already on the customers approved list then the suppler Quality Management system must be assessed to see if they can provide products on time, within budget and meeting the project quality requirements.

Customers Generic Product Inspection Matrix

To prevent nonconforming equipment and materials being installed on the Project the acceptance inspection activates are required to be itemized to ensure all precautions are taken. Inspections can be at the place of manufacture or at material receipt.

Most major construction companies have Product Inspection Matrixes that define what the minimum quality requirements the suppler must provide to the customer. These are normally standard formats that are issued for every purchase product that the company purchases, (as below).

In order to prevent nonconforming equipment and materials being installed on site the acceptance inspection activities are required to be itemized and formalized to ensure all possible precautions are taken. Inspections can be undertaken at the place of manufacture or upon material receipt.

Vendor Inspection

Project Supplier Evaluation (assessment)

Prospective Project Suppliers are assessed by audit to ascertain if they are capable to provide quality products. A quality questionnaire is sent to the suppler, on he basis of this the customers rating system is applied.

An acceptable audit and rating system evaluation will decide if the customer wishes to place a Purchase Order with the nominated supplier. Quality Control Requirements, Customers Purchase Orders

The customers Purchase Orders must provide the supplier with the correct information to provide the product the customer specified. To do this the Customer must assure himself purchased product is inspected during its manufacture utilizing a Project Specific Supplier Inspection and Test Plan.

The customer must therefore have a Quality Management System that provides the supplier with all the relevant information to complete his contract on time and within schedule. Once the suppler is accepted the following requirements are stated in the Purchase Order:

  • The seller will operate a quality management system that meet the requirements of ISO 9000 during the contracted scope of the work.
  • The buyer reserves the right to evaluate and audit the implementation of the quality system.
  • The buyer reserves the right to request the supplier to provide formal records of certificates for any activity associated with the sellers work.
  • ALL Documentation shall be in the original source state or true copy of the original. Copies shall be of reproducible quality or they shall be considered unacceptable. Data transposition form the original is not acceptable.

All documentation shall uniquely identify all sheets with:

  1. The Purchase Order Number
  2. Tag number or Item Code

Purchase order consists of:

– Technical purchase order package
– Vendor Data and Erection Manuals
– Description of Non Material Requirements (NMRs)
– Terms & Conditions according to Contract and depending on value of risk
– Quality Requirements
– Quantities and prices
– Delivery conditions
– Marking Instructions
– Delivery Instructions
– Payment Terms
– Delivery Dates
– Warranties
– Performance guarantees

Quality Plan Requirements

All bidders must submit with their bid, a Quality Plan specifically developed to the requirements of the request for quotation.

This plan will integrate the practices and procedures contained in the Seller’s Quality Control Manual/System with the Request for Quotation requirements. The Detailed Quality Plan specific for a Purchase Order will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • The suppler will attend a quality kick off meeting with the purchaser prior to the commencement of the work.
  • Administrative data such as suppliers name, location, and shop order number, tag number, item description, etc.
  • An effective date and/or revision number.
  • A complete listing of Quality Control activities to be performed including, but not limited to, types of inspection, factory tests, control of welding processes, nondestructive examination, and seller witness and hold points.
  • Provisions for Buyer, Owner, and/or their agents witness and hold points.
  • Listing of other major fabricated or subcontracted services.
  • The quality attributes if not identified in the suppliers Quality Plan, must be addressed in the Seller’s Quality Manual/System (i.e.procedures/instructions, drawings, etc.):
  • applicable codes and standards referenced in the specifications included in this Purchase Order and Contract.
  • Specific references to technical specification requirements and;
  • Acceptance and rejection criteria to be used for inspection and tests.
  • The types of documents that will be used to record inspection and test results.
  • Sub-suppler responsibilities including the level of source and receipt inspection to be performed for mayor suborder items and subcontracted services.
  • Suppliers agrees that Inspection Status Reports on production will be issued bi-weekly.

Customers Vendor Inspection Assignment Package

Once the Purchase Order is finalized an approved the Customer must verify by inspection the product meets the customers requirements. Inspection Assignment Packages are completed itemising the specific items for inspection the Vendor Assignment Package should contain the following information:

An Inspection Assignment Letter Indicating:

  • The approved Inspector name
  • Supplier’s address
  • Suppliers Contact name
  • Procurement Inspection Report
  • Copy of Purchase Order Nonmaterial Requirements List (NMR)
  • Customers Generic Quality Requirement Plan

Once the Inspection Assignment Package has been completed bi-weekly inspection reports are completed by the customers Approved Inspector, any quality deficiencies are corrected and inspection waivers are reviewed and agreed.

Inspection Assignment Packages are retained for the project As-built Files.