We now also offer student training – arrange a 30 minute mentoring training Skype to Skype meeting.

Mentoring Training Details:

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm (British Standard Time) GMT.
  • All mentoring will be in English
  • Payment 70 US Dollars for 30 minutes

Payment and contact details:

  1. PayPal Click (GO) for log on to send payment
    PayPal Type in email address qaqcconstruction.com for payment
  2. Skype Click onto (GO)
    Skype add our contact happyhouse45
    We will accept your call
  3. Direct access to talk to mentor/trainer

Mentoring can be provided in the following areas:

Inspection training:
Construction inspection personnel require specific knowledge how quality management systems operate to ensure fit for purpose and quality is obtained.

Quality control training:
The implementation of QC quality management systems is imperative to record and verify quality.

Construction training:
All construction project personnel should be conversant with the company quality management system and how they fit into its onsite operations!

Quality assurance:
The organisational structure for implementing construction planning activities is critical for the success of the project.

Oil and gas:
Large obstruction projects are required to provide to the owner its compliance with international quality management system standards.