Audit Schedule

Prepare your audit schedule. Normally internal audits every 3 months.

Audit Plan

Review the contract scope and prepare your questions in accordance with ISO system elements.

Audit Notification

Complete correspondence to all parties concerned notifying them of audit. This is normally completed two weeks prior to the audit.


Audit Schedule

Conduct audit open meeting with all parties concerned. Explain the system elements that are going to be audited. Introduce other members of the audit team.

Conduct Audit

Make sure departmental engineers have not left the office for site. Record your answers and be polite.

Audit report

Audit reports are completed within three working days and the initial findings are discussed in the Audit close out meeting. Internal Audits are normally completed every three months.


Resolution of non conformance reports and corrective actions

Make every effort to identify possible nonconformances. Try and make clear the audit is a business tool that benefits every one.

Audit close out meeting

Lead audit completes audit close out meeting and highlight the scope and results on the audit.


Distribution of Audit Report

Distribute your audit report to all the members of the audit opening meeing. Discuss with management ways and means to improve performance.