Construction Phase QC


Quality control functions performed by Contractor or its subcontractor through:

  • QC Inspection Check Sheets
  • Inspection and Test Plans by construction activity
  • project specifications
  • code and standards.
  • Application for Inspection

QC Documentation Turnover By Pay Milestones

  • Verification of a completed construction milestone through:
  • The traceability of QC Inspection reports for payment and completion status.
  • The closure of Non-conformance Reports and outstanding Technical Queries, Design Changes

Is your Construction Quality Management like this?

Is your project organisation like this?

Or is your Construction Quality Management like this?

Or is your project organisation like this?

Construction Punch-list Verification

  • The identification and acceptance of categories of punch listed items by system, sub-system.
  • missing materials.
  • Incorporation into Master Punch List.
  • Coordination and closure of Punch listed items by QC Application for Inspection Form.

As-Built Drawings

  • An engineering drawing that has been revised to reflect actual field conditions and facility modification after the completion of construction.
  • Normally As-built drawings are red line marked up (modifications highlighted in red ink).

Turnover Package

  • Turnover package content and structure will vary depending on the type of project and shall be defined during the construction phase of the project.
  • Spare parts data and other non-material requirements to be furnished to the Startup organisation for systems, project areas, facilities or portions of the work ready for commissioning.
  • Documentation, including:
  • Hydrostatic Test Packages,
  • as-built drawings,
  • Radiographic Film, completed test records
  • punch lists,
  • startup and operating instruction or manuals

Mechanical Completion

  • Completion status of construction at the point of turnover to the Startup Organisation is normally defined in the contract with the Customer. Typically, erection and assembly of facilities including installation off :
  • equipment, sub-assemblies and parts
  • performance of non-operating adjustments,
  • leak, pressure testing
  • other non-destructive tests
  • cold alignment checks

Pre-commissioning Phase


  • performance of non-operating adjustments
  • leak, pressure and other non destructive tests
  • cold alignment checks
  • instrument calibration and loop checks
  • electrical continuity and motor rotation checks made by Contractor or its subcontractors prior to mechanical completion
  • instrument calibration and loop checks
  • electrical continuity and motor rotation checks are completed and the facilities are ready for commissioning.

Commissioning Phase

Ready for Commissioning

  • The status of construction after Mechanical Completion and prior to startup.
  • Construction and clean-up activities are complete and the facilities are made ready for initial operation by the Startup Organisation
  • Typically control and logic systems are statically tested
  • rotating equipment is prepared for operation
  • additive and inhibitor systems are charged
  • the facilities are made ready for process pressurisation
  • removal of internal intermediate isolation blinds.


  • removal of system battery blinds
  • purging and pressurising systems with process mediums
  • utility systems such as plant air, cooling water, steam, etc
  • running of facilities, and on-stream verification of control system
  • equipment component performance pumps, motors, analysers, etc

Startup Phase

Startup Organisation

  • The Customers operating staff, or third party organisation responsible for commissioning and startup of mechanically completed facilities.


  • Activities associated with the running or operating of the facilities or portions of the facilities following Pre-commissioning, Mechanical Completion and Turnover. Operating adjustments to achieve performance of the facilities are made during Startup.


  • The transfer of care, custody and control of completed project areas or facilities to a designated Startup Organisation.

Standard Project Definitions For Construction, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning Activities

Project Overview


  1. Construction QC Documentation for verification of completed Milestones (identify category of punch lists).
    The closure of Non-conformance reports, resolution of outstanding Technical Queries and red line mark up of As built drawings.
  2. Pre-commissioning activity can begin prior to the Mechanical Completion of the system.
  3. At the Turnover (System Ready for Commissioning) Care and Custody is transferred from the Contractor to the Customer.
  4. Final Acceptance – The end of Normal Warranty Period of 1 year after the Provisional Acceptance.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System (Failure Prevention System) Stages

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