Technical Support Team QA/QC (Construction Quality)

We specialize in the following oil, gas, power, and infrastructure Construction projects

Does your construction project fall into any of the following categories?

  • Your customer refusing to pay your submitted construction pay milestones due to outstanding nonconformance reports.
  • Losing your profit margins because of rework and defective workmanship.
  • No construction quality management system in place that identifies with red flags and risk mitigation.
  • Ongoing and significant customer complaints regarding lack of construction quality.
  • Excessive numbers of punch listed items that prevent your company from obtaining mechanical completion, pre commissioning, commissioning and project handover.
  • Non-compliant incoming material.
  • Consistent and numerous high welding repair rates resulting in loss of profit margins.
  • Failing to monitor excessive quality costs by implementing trend analysis in the procurement, and construction phases.
  • Over budget and behind schedule.
  • Working in just in time management.
  • Paying your top construction managers high bonuses at the expense of applying insufficient quality resources.
  • Removal from your customers approved suppliers list.



If you construction project identifies with the above, you have the opportunity to contact QA/QC Construction Company, we can help. We can visit your overseas construction project and immediately implement our benchmarked best practices and get your construction quality back on track. Our experienced QA/QC construction support team can be available on a fast track short term visit from 7 days to 25 days. We can provide your Company with a 24 hour response to your enquiry.